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Primary Practice Areas for Our Law Firm

The Law Office of Russell A. Woodard, Jr., LLC, has extensive, complex litigation experience, primarily in personal injury, business litigation, and construction disputes. If you need an attorney who can help determine whether you are eligible for compensation after an auto accident or any type of catastrophic injury, Russell and the RAWLaw team offer the following practice areas throughout North Louisiana.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

  • Auto Accidents: This practice area assists those who have become seriously injured or even disabled after a motor vehicle collision, truck accident, or motorcycle accident. This category also includes bike and pedestrian accidents. 

  • Wrongful Death: Losing a loved one due to another's negligence of another often results in shock as well as grief because it is so unexpected. While the legal system will not bring your loved one back, we will passionately work to ensure justice for the departed and financial security for those who have been left behind.

  • Slip and Fall Accidents: Property owners in Louisiana are responsible for maintaining, inspecting, and repairing their property to keep it free from unreasonably dangerous conditions. This rule applies to trip and fall accidents, swimming pool drownings, construction site accidents, and other cases involving premises liability. These are often tough cases that many attorneys shy away from—but not at RAWLaw. We have a proven track record of recovery for special damages (medical bills, lost wages) and general damages (pain/suffering) in slip and fall accidents.

  • Nursing Home Neglect: When your loved one can no longer live alone because of age, health, or disability, a long-term care setting is often the solution that makes the most sense for the family. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect, physical abuse, and emotional abuse can have devastating effects on elderly residents of these facilities. Get in touch if your loved one shows the signs of substandard nursing home care. Our firm has a well-established history of holding these companies financially responsible.

  • Defective Products: If a manufacturer knows or should have known about an unreasonably dangerous defect in its product, then it should be held liable if someone is hurt or even killed. Our firm has successfully battled against some of the biggest product manufacturers.

Russell also offers legal services for business, mineral rights, financial, civil rights, and employment law cases.

Business Litigation

  • Disputes between companies, shareholders and third-parties
  • Class action litigation
  • Shareholder derivative suits

Other Pratice Areas

Mineral Rights

  • Claims for royalties, penalties, dissolution, attorey fees and interest
  • Disputes by and between oil/gas operators, landmen and mineral lessors
  • Claims for breach-of-contract and trespass

Civil Rights 

  • Free speech/1st Amendment claims
  • Wrongful discrimination suits (age, race, gender and disability)
  • Sec. 1983 excessive force claims

Employment Law

  • Claims for wages, penalties and attorney fees
  • Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
  • Breach of contract 

Construction Law 

In construction, claims avoidance is always preferred: careful drafting of construction contract documents is often the best way to avoid construction disputes. Nevertheless, conflicts will still arise. And when this occurs, RAWLaw has extensive construction law litigation experience in both courts of law and contractual arbitration.

Russell has personally handled large construction projects ($40M+) in highly contested litigation. Russell has a sincere understanding of AIA contracts, general conditions, supplementary conditions, and corresponding rights-and-duties between contractors, owners, and architects.

Based on this skill and experience, RAWLaw is uniquely suited to handle your construction law dispute.

Reach out to The Law Office of Russell A. Woodard, Jr., LLC, if you need legal advice in any of these areas. Call 318.255.4898 or complete our online form to schedule your free consultation with Russell.

Russell A. Woodard Jr., owner of The Law Office of Russell A. Woodard, Jr., LLC outside the courthouse in Monroe, LA