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Protect Your Business Interests With an Attorney

As a business owner himself, business attorney Russell A. Woodard, Jr. understands the complex challenges associated with growing and maintaining your company. Disagreements between staff, stockholders, and patrons are inevitable to a certain extent, but when they reach the courtroom, the task can seem insurmountable without the assistance of a diligent legal team. If your company is facing commercial litigation, The Law Office of Russell A. Woodard, Jr., LLC can help you protect your business and your assets.

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Russell offers skilled representation at every level, from district court through appeals and even up to the Supreme Court. He takes pride in his relentless approach to pursuing successful resolution for his business clients through urgent responses, skillful mediation, and his superior work ethic. Unlike other law firms whose attorneys you may never see or speak to, Russell provides real, in-person assistance and maintains open lines of communication between his team and his clients every step of the way. He and the RAWLaw team regularly take on even the most challenging cases, and their history of results has contributed to their favorable reputation in the North Louisiana area.

Types of Business Litigation

Russell has the commercial litigation expertise to handle every aspect of your legal dispute. He and his team can assist you by efficiently addressing concerns between your company and your customers, investors, and other individuals and organizations.

  • Business Disputes: Disagreements among business owners, employees, clients, and other companies occur for many reasons, and their outcomes can have a serious effect on the future of your business. If your case isn't resolved fairly, you could face substantial legal, financial, or productivity challenges. RAWLaw can help you seek just results in a court of law.
  • Class Action Lawsuits: Without diligent representation, class action lawsuits can drag on for months or even years, and they may take your company name through the mud with them. We can help you manage even the most complex class action cases and seek a favorable ruling for your company.
  • Shareholder Derivative Suits: When businesses have just cause to file a lawsuit but choose not to, shareholders may choose to take action on the business's behalf. These cases are known as shareholder derivative suits. Because the third parties involved are often company insiders, such as high-level executives, these cases can be quite complicated. Our team is prepared to take on your shareholder derivative suit and rigorously pursue successful results.

Why Choose RAWLaw to Handle Your Business Litigation?

Russell's commitment to providing efficient, comprehensive commercial litigation services is a testament to his experience and in-depth approach to handling each case. From simple disputes to lengthy class action suits, the team at The Law Office of Russell A. Woodard, Jr., LLC will actively pursue your case at every level and maintain constant communication with you and your colleagues throughout the entire litigation process. Contact our Ruston, LA office today at 318.255.4898 to schedule your commercial litigation consultation with a respected business attorney.